31 January, 2019
Actress Sanya Borisova was a special guest of the show by fashion house "Blink". Radoslavla Lazarova, designer of the fashion house "Blink", presented unique dresses and laces. Sanya Borisova was a special guest at a press conference, during which Radoslava Lazarova demonstrated part of the creative process of her work and showed models with selected bridal and formal dresses. Prof. Lubomir Stoykov, President of the Academy of Fashion and host of the press conference, presented the talented young designer and focused on her previous appearances and achievements, with which Radoslava Lazarova has declared a convincing presence in the fashion scene. The laces created by Radoslava Lazarova are specific to the unique style of the Blink fashion house. "We have a technique that allows us to create unique lace with our own design. The good thing about the lace is that it allows us to use any kind of fabrics and colors, with possible color transitions and silk threads, "Radoslava Lazarova said, explaining the process of making the lace. It starts with the creation of a drawing that is imported into a computer and a special program fills stitches it up, then the file is transferred to an automatic machine that embroiders the lace on fabric. The process was visualized with a video, and the designer showed a finished lace with floral motifs and baroque elements. Part of the demonstration was also a finishing work on a bridal dress. Designer Radoslava Lazarova placed asymmetrically elements of original lace on the skirt. At the top she made a handmade set of silk tulle that gently wrapped around her shoulders and demonstrated the current tendency to superimpose transparent fabrics. The final touch was the placement of 3D floral elements, also made with the technique of the author's lace. Actress Sanya Borisova was present as a special guest, dressed by fashion house "Blink". "It is an honor and pleasure to be dressed in Radoslava Lazarova's dresses," said Sanya Borisova and explained how the designer chose the perfect dress for the ceremony for the “Best Emerging Actress in Italy” award which she received at the end of 2018. Sanya Borisova noted that then the creative partnership between her and the designer, inspired by Prof. Lubomir Stoykov, continued with a beautiful photo shoot at the National Opera and Ballet in front of the photographer Ivomir Peshev's lens. Radoslava Lazarova presented her three collections - the evening Womanity Evening, the bridal Womanity Bridal and the Promised Womanity Prom. Selected dresses from these three collections were presented at the press conference by Ivelina Bubova, Nikol Predyova and Antoaneta Boyanova. Feminine, artistic and sophisticated these three collections reflect the creative style of Radoslava Lazarova and her fashion house "Blink". "My strength is in sizing and cutting out the dresses, the beautiful details are also my passion," said the designer and explained that her style is characterized by the combination of extravagance and weariness. Asymmetry, accentuation of the bare shoulder and the bare back, the V-neck, hand-knobs, spectacular transparent details, different lengths and multi-layered skirts can be seen in the three collections. Radoslava Lazarova relies on current color combinations, hand-made 3D decorative elements and a variety of silhouettes - A-Line, Mermaid, Princess and others. The designer gives women the opportunity to wear some beautiful combinations. Her preferred fabrics are variants of silk, silk tulle, duo, matte and Russian satin, Italian taffeta, as well as French, Italian and Dubai laces. Radoslava Lazarova is a second generation designer. She builds herself as a professional, including her parents' family business, who are the founders of the famous brand for both formal and wedding clothing, "Me and You", created almost 30 years ago. Radoslava Lazarova devotes ten years to studying the sophistication of cutting and gaining invaluable experience that combines with education in the field of fashion design in Sofia and Varna. Then follows the logical step by which Radoslava Lazarova creates her own fashion brand "Blink" and it reflects her characteristic creative style. The debut of Radoslava Lazarova and fashion house "Blink" is on the stage of Sofia Fashion Week SS 2018 with the Womanity Evening collection. Even with her first collection, she has achieved something that other designers have been fighting for years – one of her dresses was shown on the red carpet in Cannes by Natalia Gurkova. There are a few more strong appearances, including two appearances at the Academy of Fashion. Since the beginning of 2019, Blink fashion house has been represented in Sofia at the My Wedding Center (Sofia Business Park), where Radoslava Lazarova provided personalized consultations for both bridal and formal prom and evening wear. Sanya Borisova is the winner of the Best Rising Actress Award in Italy at the Festival Internazionale Cinema Castelli Romani for the film "Knockout". Sanya Borisova has won two more awards, one from the Romania International Film Festival for Best Actress 2014 and another from the International Film Festival for Casting again in 2014. The first awards are for the film "Living Legends", where Sanya Borisova was a screenwriter. A curious fact is that she was also a costume designer of the films "The Foreigner" and "Knockout" in which she plays. She studied acting in NATFIZ, then graduated from Luben Groys Theater College and is currently preparing a master's degree in Directing at New Bulgarian University. Her first role is at the television series "Forbidden Love", and her favorite reincarnation in the theater is "Albena" from the creation of Yordan Yovkov at the Plovdiv Theater.
28 October, 2021

Радослава Лазарова спечели „Златна игла 2021“ в категория „Дизайнер на годината“

Призът „Златна игла 2021" в категория „Дизайнер на годината“ получи Радослава Лазарова, която представи част от новата си колекция „DEVOTION“ 2022 г. Това е втората „Златна игла" на дизайнерката, като първата е в категория „Най-добър млад дизайнер".
29 September, 2021

Радослава Лазарова презентира колекция “Devotion” 2022

Модна къща „Блинк“ представи своята най-нова колекция “Devotion” 2022 по време на виртуална пресконференция, организирана от Консултантска къща „От игла до конец“ и „Алма комуникация“. Предложенията на Радослава Лазарова – съчетание от женственост и изящество, бяха представени с интересни мултимедийни материали, снимки и видео от фотосесия в студиото на модния фотограф Костадин Кръстев – Коко, като самата тя сподели какви са акцентите и на какво е заложила в колекцията си за 2022 година.
25 September, 2019

Изящество и стил в новите творения на Радослава Лазарова

Радослава Лазарова показа своите най-нови дизайнерски творения по време на Sofia Fashion Week AW 2019-2020.
6 June, 2019


Fashion house Blink is the beautiful jewel of My Wedding bridal center The winner of the Golden Needle by the Academy of Fashion Radoslava Lazarova is the only Bulgarian designer to create a showroom at bridal center My Wedding in Sofia.
15 March, 2019


The designer of fashion house "Blink" Radoslava Lazarova received the most prestigious fashion award in Bulgaria.