Stylish fashion show of Fashion House Blink at Business Lady Club - BLINK by Radi Lazarova


Stylish fashion show of Fashion House Blink at Business Lady Club

Stylish fashion show of Fashion House Blink at Business Lady Club
2 July, 2018
Special guests at the Business Lady Club's June meeting were Prof. Lubomir Stoykov, President of the Academy of Fashion and the talented young designer Radi Lazarova (Blink Fashion House). They received a special invitation from Mrs. Mila Zaharieva, Gold member of Business Lady Club, to join the event on the topic of Style and Beauty. The Business Lady Club's monthly meeting was held on June 26th in the elegant setting of Bulgar restaurant at Hotel Marinela. The two leaders of the evening - Mila Zaharieva and Monika Zlateva - Executive Director of Business Lady Club, were dressed in beautiful dresses by the designer Radi Lazarova. Prof. Lubomir Stoykov responded to the organizers' request and presented an attractive mini lecture on "Style and Beauty". In her, he with a sense of humor and academic artistry marked the essence and dynamics of the notions of "style", "beauty", "haute couture", "kitsch", "impudence", "chalga", "inspiration" etc. The President of the Academy pointed out: "The ability to have your own style and to be original is a challenge for everyone not only in fashion and art, but also in real life, in human thinking and behavior. Seeking and finding its own distinction should be a major motive in people's lives, but is it really so? ... As for beauty, it is such a cocktail of divine proportions and harmony between the inner and outer world of man, which gives meaning to its being, and is rightly referred to as a synonym for truth and good. "In confirmation of the last words, the professor improvised reciting Emily Dickinson's verses. Radi Lazarova presented part of her artistic and sophisticated Womanity collection, which is inspired by an independent, daring and provocative contemporary woman. The attending ladies were fascinated by the designer's fashion creations, which strives to create the woman's dream-dress and satisfy even the most sophisticated taste. Radi Lazarova is the second generation of creators of formal and wedding fashion with an exciting, romantic and original vision. Her characteristic creative style is reflected in fashion house "Blink". During the Business Lady Club meeting, the young designer presented her creative approach and gave further insight into individual dresses from the collection. She drew attention to the fact that some of the patterns are three or two in one conversion that allow a garment to be combined in different variants. Radi Lazarova relies on feminine silhouettes, beautiful and up-to-date color combinations, hand-made lace, ethereal and delicate fabrics like tulle and silk. The decoration of the dresses includes transparent details and very glamorous accents - crystals, pearls and beads, 3D floral motifs and feathers. Among the fashion items shown was a dress, with which Natalia Gurkova recently gathered the red carpet in Cannes. The dresses from the collection were elegantly presented by the top models Desislava Harizanova, Ivelina Bubova and Ksenia Rai, who showed the style and beauty in the collection of Radi Lazarova. BLINK by Radi Lazarova Radoslava Lazarova Lubomir Stoykov Ksenia Rai Desislava Harizanova Ivelina Bubova Restaurant Bulgar Hotel Marinela Sofia ХАЙЛАЙФ Ot igla do коnetz (От игла до конец)
28 October, 2021

Радослава Лазарова спечели „Златна игла 2021“ в категория „Дизайнер на годината“

Призът „Златна игла 2021" в категория „Дизайнер на годината“ получи Радослава Лазарова, която представи част от новата си колекция „DEVOTION“ 2022 г. Това е втората „Златна игла" на дизайнерката, като първата е в категория „Най-добър млад дизайнер".
29 September, 2021

Радослава Лазарова презентира колекция “Devotion” 2022

Модна къща „Блинк“ представи своята най-нова колекция “Devotion” 2022 по време на виртуална пресконференция, организирана от Консултантска къща „От игла до конец“ и „Алма комуникация“. Предложенията на Радослава Лазарова – съчетание от женственост и изящество, бяха представени с интересни мултимедийни материали, снимки и видео от фотосесия в студиото на модния фотограф Костадин Кръстев – Коко, като самата тя сподели какви са акцентите и на какво е заложила в колекцията си за 2022 година.
25 September, 2019

Изящество и стил в новите творения на Радослава Лазарова

Радослава Лазарова показа своите най-нови дизайнерски творения по време на Sofia Fashion Week AW 2019-2020.
6 June, 2019


Fashion house Blink is the beautiful jewel of My Wedding bridal center The winner of the Golden Needle by the Academy of Fashion Radoslava Lazarova is the only Bulgarian designer to create a showroom at bridal center My Wedding in Sofia.
15 March, 2019


The designer of fashion house "Blink" Radoslava Lazarova received the most prestigious fashion award in Bulgaria.